Technology is something that has benefited dentistry in more ways than can be counted.  Where dentists used to use sharp instruments to peel away layers of diseased gum tissue, they now zap it away with sophisticated laser equipment.  Instead of huge, bulky x-ray machines with cumbersome films, there are now digital x-ray machines that can project pictures of your teeth on a computer screen while exposing you to less radiation.  Miami Smile Dental of Miami, Florida has advanced technology that can make your visits to the dentist efficient, comfortable, and maybe even enjoyable.

Fewer Office Visits, More Comfort

In days gone by, patients often had to see more than one type of dental professional to have a problem taken care of.  Now, however, because of many advances in technology, it’s not uncommon for a patient to have everything done in one office.  Techniques are often less invasive, and methods of sedation are also more sophisticated.  Computers now aid in the design of dental restoration components like crowns and veneers so that they look more natural than ever.  Patients can receive implants with less waiting time for the crown that follows, and air abrasion can replace the noisy dental drills and the shot of Novocain that went along with them.  With all these advances, there’s no need to be afraid of the dentist anymore!

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If you are interested in dentistry that provides you with a more efficient, comfortable experience, call to schedule an appointment with a high-tech dentist in Miami, Florida today.  Miami Smile Dental of Miami, Florida offers the latest dental technology which is designed to get you in and out of the office quickly so that you can go back to doing what you love instead.  We can create your dental impressions using digital scanners and can use our modern sedation techniques to keep you comfortable during your procedures and visits.  Call us at 305-670-5100 and let high-tech dentistry save you time and energy today!