It’s not too uncommon in movies and TV for the bad guy/girl to have yellow teeth. This is supposed to say to the audience that something is “wrong” with them, but in reality, yellowed teeth are much more common than you might think.

Dark drinks like coffee and soda, tobacco, and even natural ageing can all cause your smile to lose its lustre and develop that iconic “evil” yellow hue over the years. Fortunately, unlike the characters you see on screen, you can actually do something about it with Miami Beach teeth whitening. All it takes is just a quick trip to the dentist to give your smile that “heroic” white glow.

Why Are Your Teeth Yellow in the First Place?

Teeth whitening

Your teeth are actually composed of three distinct layers: enamel on the outside, a substance called dentin underneath, and at the centre, the dental pulp, a small amount of nerve tissue. Your enamel, despite being extremely strong, is also very porous, filled with thousands of tiny holes. Whenever you consume a dark drink/sauce or use tobacco, small pigments can become lodged in these pores and cause the colour of a tooth to gradually darken.

On top of this, as we age, enamel naturally thins. Because it is translucent, this makes it easier for the colour of the underlying dentin to shine through, and it’s—you guessed it—yellow.  

How Miami Beach Teeth Whitening Can Help?

While you will find loads of teeth whitening products at the store, most of them actually have fairly low concentrations of the compound needed to actually whiten the teeth: hydrogen peroxide. As a result, while they might make your teeth slightly brighter, you will probably barely notice a difference.

Beautiful white smile

The better bet is to simply visit your Miami Smile Dentist. They will be able to offer you a teeth whitening treatment using a bleaching gel that contains a much higher level of hydrogen peroxide, enabling it to better break up stubborn stains. Many dentists can also speed up this process by exposing the gel to a special light, helping you save time while getting the results you want. They can also give you your own custom-made take-home kit that will include mouth trays made just for you as well as the stronger whitening gel.

Whether in the dentist’s office or at home, the average professional teeth whitening treatment should make your smile 6-8 shades brighter, which you’ll definitely be able to see!

Maintaining Results

Of course, after you have had your teeth whitened, how can you make sure they won’t turn yellow again? Thankfully, helping your smile shine for years to come is relatively simple:

  • Avoid those things that caused your teeth to stain in the first place, namely drinks like coffee and soda, tobacco, darkly coloured foods and sauces, etc…
  • Brush and floss your teeth every day to prevent the build-up of food debris that could yellow your teeth.
  • Routinely visit your Miami Beach teeth whitening dentist for checkups and cleanings. They’ll also be able to give you a whitening touch-up whenever you need one.

While having yellow teeth certainly doesn’t make someone evil like in movies and on TV, everyone would definitely prefer to have a pristinely white smile, and you can get exactly that with your dentist.

Don’t waste your time and money with underpowered store bought treatments—go right to the professionals at Miami Smile Dental to get reliable results you’ll love.