Are you wondering why your teeth are so sensitive and what is happening to them? Tooth sensitivity usually occurs when your dentin is compromised. It becomes endangered when your gums recede for some reason, and when cracks and tooth wear occur. The roots of the teeth are protected by enamel, which does not allow you to react to hot, cold or too sweet. When the mentioned causative agents can get to your nerve, a problem arises, that is, pain.

In addition to the painful sensation of hot, cold or sweet, there are other causes that can cause pain. It can therefore be periodontitis, various gum diseases, damaged and cracked teeth, caries, etc.

so sensitive

Is there a risk of infection?

There is, but not always. When you feel pain when breathing cold air, or when you drink a cold drink, it is usually due to a damaged tooth. It can also be due to receding gums. However, the pain can sometimes be associated with an inflamed or infected tooth. Such pain can be very strong. Such a condition needs to be treated urgently.

Can you get rid of sensitive teeth?

When it comes to tooth sensitivity, this problem sometimes disappears by itself. This usually happens when you have a sore throat or sinus infection. By treating these causes, you will also cure tooth sensitivity, which is probably caused by the mentioned inflammatory processes. If the sensitivity of your teeth does not go away, in such cases you should contact your dentist to solve your problem as soon as possible.

How to stop the pain?

The treatment of this type of problem always depends on the cause. A dental examination will certainly help you solve the problem. However, some of the preventive measures can be:

Toothpaste for desensitization

There are many toothpastes to choose from depending on your condition. When it comes to tooth sensitivity, use fluoride toothpaste.

Oral hygiene is key

Perfect your brushing and flossing technique. Thoroughly and gently clean every corner and every part of your teeth. Use brushes with soft bristles that won’t damage your teeth and won’t cause irritation.

How to take care of your teeth properly? 

Take care of what you eat and drink

When you often consume acidic food, it can cause long-term consequences. Also fizzy and too hot can cause problems. Eat healthy food, because what you take into your body also affects the health of your teeth, regardless of what directly reacts to them on the surface.

How sugar affects your teeth?

Avoid grinding your teeth

If you have a bad habit of grinding your teeth, it can cause your teeth to crack as well as damage to the enamel. Also, if you have a habit of clenching your teeth, stop this bad habit as soon as possible. Do not knowingly harm your oral health.

Visit your dentist regularly. If you have problems with these and similar things, your dentist will recommend the right solution.