At Miami Smile Dental, we provide a variety of general dentistry services to patients in Miami.

Whether you need a regular dental examination and routine cleaning or sealants and other restorative dentistry procedures, our experienced dental team can help.

We are dedicated to ensuring all our patients’ teeth and gums are as healthy as possible. We offer a comfortable dental environment even for those who are nervous about routine dental work.

How a General Dentist Can Help

For many people, jaw pain is common. If you’ve had to deal with chronic jaw pain, you know how painful and annoying it is.

Chewing your food can become difficult when you’re suffering from this pain. While it can be difficult to diagnose completely, it can be from TMJ, dental infections, or even sinus pressure.

Relieving jaw pain is one thing that our Miami general dentist can help his patients do. Your general dentist in Miami can help determine where this pain is coming from and treat it professionally.

About Sedation Dentistry in Miami

Oral conscious sedation helps us to provide an anxiety-free experience for our patients. With this type of sedation, there is little to no memory of dental treatment.

We also provide laughing gas (nitrous oxide) and conscious sedation where one is relaxed but still conscious.

About Sedation Dentistry in Miami

If you’ve been procrastinating having general dentistry procedures done, it’s time to contact our Miami dentist to discuss sedation dentistry options for you.

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Our general dentist at Miami Smile Dental can provide routine examinations and cleanings to patients of all ages.

We use the latest technology to detect and treat dental problems and even oral cancers.

To schedule an appointment with our dentistry in Miami today, call our office at 305-670-5100.

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