Tooth-colored fillings are an advanced type of dental filling that matches the color of a patient’s natural teeth. At Miami Smile Dental, we provide these natural-looking fillings to all our patients. We understand that you want a brighter and whiter smile, and these tooth-colored fillings in Miami can provide exactly that. After a thorough dental examination and cleaning, we can determine which teeth are good options for this filling.

How They Work

Also known as composite resins, tooth-colored fillings provide a secure structure for small to medium size fillings. They can be used throughout the mouth and are best for those that want fillings that look more than natural than silver or amalgam ones. Dental fillings help to build up a decayed tooth. They are more attractive too and nearly undetectable in the mouth. They also are a healthier option as they use a biocompatible material that is more healthy than other filling materials.

How They’re Performed

The process of placing a tooth-colored filling takes longer than a metal one. This is because this filling type must be kept both clean and dry while the cavity is being filled. After the filling process, it’s important to know that you must care for your teeth well with a regular oral hygiene routine of brushing and flossing.

What is Composite Restoration?

When you’re looking for the safest way to restore decayed, worn or broken teeth, composite restoration is a great option. They use tooth-colored filling materials made of glass and plastic to seal fillings or even deep breaks. After removing the decay and preparing the tooth in Miami, the restoration is bonded layer by layer with a LED light to set the material properly.

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