It is possible to enjoy seasonal sweets and still have a cavity-free smile to flash in festive pictures. These tips will keep your teeth healthy during the holiday season.

Avoid Too Much Candy – Little is better

It’s the most wonderful time of year for candy canes, popcorn balls, and cookies — and this nonstop buffet of sweets can wreak havoc on your teeth. Instead of constantly snacking, try eating a single dessert and brush your teeth after.   

Smart Snacking

Make sure you use a nutcracker, not your teeth, to shell nuts. No nutcracker? Choose a different snack. Is it worth it to break a tooth for a nut?

Keep Your Dental Routine

The holidays can upset your schedule, but you should still brush at least two times a day. To keep up good habits on the go, stash a toothbrush and mini tube of toothpaste in your purse or briefcase and make time to “freshen up” after meals. If brushing your teeth isn’t an option, chew sugarless gum, which boosts saliva, helps flush out food debris, and more.

Keep Your Dental Appointments

Skipping a dental exam could get you on the naughty list. It is much better to catch problems now and not put them off until the new year.
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