We all know that person with the beautiful teeth and yellow smile. Your boss, friend or husband. We care about people and want them to look their best. But teeth whitening can be a sensitive subject (no pun intended) and treatments can vary in price and effectiveness.

Why should people want a fresh, gleaming smile? What is the best way to break the news?

Encourage Teeth Whitening With a Subtle Approach

According to the American Dental Association, in the past 20 years, teeth whitening has become one of the most popular esthetic dental treatment. The industry has been inundated with at-home treatments: from pens, strips, or even at-home trays, lights included. Why?

Here are a few reasons why everyone (including your friend) should get rid of that antique-looking smile:

Look Younger

Look younger

Do people with white teeth actually look younger? Well, one study in US say that you can look five years younger and 20% more attractive white a whiter smile, and it’s true! Who doesn’t want those kind of results?

So, try this sentence with the person who you want to make a teeth whitening:

“Hey, I read this article that professionally teeth whitening can make you look five years younger. Sign me up, right? Have you ever thought about doing it?

Improve Self-confidence

improve self-confidence

Packaging sells. If your packaging looks good, and you feel good in your skin, your confidence will translate to success. Not only your business life but also your personal life will improve.

Why not bait your friend, sister, friend or husband with this:

“My dentist is offering an amazing teeth whitening promotion this month! We have that big networking dinner coming up. If I look good, I will feel super confident and make more contacts for sure! You want in?”

Make a Statement

Make a statement

First impressions are lasting impressions. Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you and teeth whitening gives plenty of bang for your buck. After your first treatment, it’s much easier to stay on a schedule each year with your dentist to keep your pearly whites as white as possible.

Sell it this way:

“ I need a change. I’m giving to get my teeth whitening and spruce up my look! What do you think? Have you ever thought about it?”

If your clever statements to encourage your special person to improve their smile are not working as fast or as well as you planned, don’t give up. There is something more you can do!

Whiten Your Teeth and Inspire Others

We think the best way to inspire someone is not by what you say, but by your example. Your friend or family member will be certain to notice your glamorous white smile and then you will be able to educate any who ask how to follow in your footsteps.


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Foods That Can Naturally Whiten Your Teeth

Natural Stain Removes From Our Teeth Whitening Experts in Miami Smile Dental

A stain dissolving compound known as malic acid is a common component in teeth whitening products. Which foods naturally contain this compound? Food scoring high in malic acid are:

Will simply eating these delectable fruits and berries are enough to substantially whiten your teeth? To really be effective, malic acid needs enough “surface time” to work.

Natural Stain Blockers

There are certain beverage and food culprits known to cause dental discolouration. Short of abstaining is a natural stain barrier available?

Cheese could work! Or, any protein in that builds can calcium in your teeth to make them less porous. In fact, just nibbling cubes of the harder cheeses (Cheddar, Gouda, Monterey Jack) while sipping stain-inducing wine can temporarily fill in the micropores on your teeth. Imagine it’s a wax that allows most stains to slide off your teeth instead of set in.

Patience – Not Your Virtue?

Green apples, lemons, strawberries and cheese should perk up the radar of anyone interested in naturally maintaining their pearly whites. For faster, more dramatic whitening results, thought, nothing takes the place of our teeth whitening in South Beach Miami.

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