Dental Implants in Miami FL

Dental Implants in Miami Florida


Restorative & Implant Dentistry Miami

Dental implants can be used for restoring an entire set of teeth or just a single tooth. Our Miami implant dentistry specialists use this procedure and place a surgical-grade titanium post directly into your jawbone. Once the bone has bonded to the post, a secure foundation is then formed. This foundation can be used to attach a dental prosthetic that has been custom designed specifically for you. Whether you have lost multiple teeth to periodontal disease or just one tooth due to an accident, dental implants could be a good solution. No one need ever know you are wearing a prosthetic tooth. It will function and look just like your own natural teeth.

In some cases, patients may be missing multiple teeth, but their gums and surrounding teeth are still healthy. When this is the case, a multiple implant could be a good option. Missing teeth are replaced with as many fixtures as are necessary. Implant supported dentures may also be a good choice for patients who are in need of either a full upper, full lower, or full upper and lower set of teeth.

Patients who need to replace a full upper and/or lower set of teeth can now receive implants supported dentures.


One of the most common drawbacks with dentures is that they tend to shift and require the use of adhesive to keep them securely in place. This is not a problem with implants, which are designed to fit solidly in place, thus reducing the issues commonly related to traditional dentures. Such issues usually include difficulty chewing, problems speaking, and gum sores. Biting pressure is distributed more evenly with implant supported dentures, much more similar to the way that your own natural teeth function. By imitating the supportive structure of your own teeth, implants make it possible to prevent the loss of soft tissues and bone. Natural-looking implants can be used to replace an entire set of teeth.