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Porcelain Crowns

During your lifetime, your teeth will experience a lot of stress. This stress can be revealed in a number of ways, including chipping, discoloration, and cracking. Crowns can help to restore your smile and teeth to their original brilliance. Porcelain crowns are constructed of porcelain and then colored to match your own natural teeth. Crowns are fitted into your mouth following some tooth preparation, thereby restoring functionality to your teeth and enhancing the look of your smile. If you have experienced temperature sensitivity or pain while chewing, be sure to ask our office if crowns might be a good option.

Porcelain Bridge

Everyday life can take a toll on our teeth. From simply chewing to sometimes neglecting them, our teeth go through a lot. Over time, our teeth can become worn down, cracked, broken, or may even be knocked out due to accidents. Ignoring regular dental appointments and routine maintenance can lead to tooth decay, periodontal disease, and possible tooth loss. The reality is that when you are missing teeth, your mouth will attempt to compensate for the loss and cease to function normally. You may begin to notice changes in your smile and your jawline. Restorative dental procedures can renovate your smile with a combination of bridges and crowns to replace lost teeth. A crown is designed to cover the surface of a tooth while adding stability, durability, and strength. At the same time, your tooth can be returned to its natural size and shape. A bridge is composed of a replacement porcelain crown fused between two crowns in order to bridge the gap left by a missing tooth.