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Miami Invisalign for Teens – Aligners

Invisalign for teens. Dr. Papiernik and the team have become the Miami area leaders in Cosmetic dentistry for kids and teens, specializing in clear Invisalign retainers and aligners.

At Miami Smile Dental, your family comes first. During our 30-plus years of service to the Miami community, we have become the premier destination for all your family’s general dental health concerns as well as cosmetic dental needs like the Miami Invisalign treatment.

As a father, Dr. Papiernik knows that your primary concern is the health of your family. That is why we take such extra-special care in delivering the most effective – and comfortable – treatments for children and teens.

We know that you are looking for a solution for crooked teeth that won’t make your kids miserable – like uncomfortable, and ugly, wire braces. Invisalign invincible braces are a great option for children and teens. That is why Dr. Papiernik and the Miami Smile Dental team have become the Miami areas leaders in Cosmetic dentistry for kids and teenagers, specializing in clear Invisalign retainers and aligners.

Is Invisalign better than braces?

From the pure “health-benefits and results” perspective, Invisalign aligners are just as effective as braces. Both braces and Invisalign effectively treat most cases of:
  • Uneven bites: under bite, over bite, cross bite, etc.
  • Tooth gaps
  • Crooked teeth
  • And more
However, the way Invisalign stands out is through its low-impact, low-visibility, methodology.Metal braces require a gradual buildup of tension in the wires, regularly administered by an orthodontist – this increasing pressure is what pulls the teeth, correcting their location and spacing. However, Invisalign accomplishes the same result with a series of clear (removable) aligners that are custom fitted to your teeth and are barely visible to the naked eye.It is because Invisalign’s ability to take a subtler approach to treatment, with the added benefit of being transparent, that most of our patients agree that Invisalign beats braces in almost every way.

What happens when you get Miami Invisalign aligners?

During your initial consultation with Dr. Papiernik, you will find out if you are a candidate for Invisalign. Together, you and the doctor will then decide on the best way for you to achieve the smile of your dreams using Invisalign clear aligners.Your smile is unique; therefore, your treatment plan may differ from someone else receiving a similar procedure. However, in most cases, you will be fitted for hand-crafted clear Invisalign aligners soon after you are approved for the treatment. You will wear your aligner as often as possible (around 20-22 hours a day), removing the alignment tray only to eat and brush your teeth.Every two weeks, a new aligner will be made for you in order to accommodate for the progress your smile is making. This process will repeat itself for about 9 to 18 months (on average) until your teeth are an even row of pearly-white perfection.

How much does Invisalign cost for kids and teens?

Due to advancements in dental technology and crafting materials, Invisalign is now just as affordable as traditional wire braces. Of course, the total cost of the procedure can vary greatly from patient to patient and from dentists to dentist. We recommend scheduling a no-pressure consultation with Dr. Papiernik at Miami Smile Dental for an accurate estimate for Invisalign treatment.

Invisalign for Children frequently asked questions:

How do I know my kids are wearing their Invisalign? Although they are designed to be completely transparent, most Invisalign aligners will have a subtle blue dot placed near the front. By finding the blue dot, you will be able to see if your children are wearing their retainers.How do I clean and maintain my Invisalign? Invisalign aligner-trays are very low maintenance. Specialized cleaning solution for the retainers is available to order, but most of our patients clean them with their own toothbrush and toothpaste under lukewarm water. It is important to keep the water temperature fairly low, since hot water will warp the materials of your Invisalign.What happens after Invisalign? Similar to the aftercare required with traditional braces, your dentist may recommend wearing a night-time retainer for some time after you complete the Invisalign for teens in Miami process. But, every case is different and aftercare may not be required in some.What are the costs of Invisalign aftercare? If aftercare (wearing a retainer after Invisalign) is necessary, we can help find a schedule that works for you. Since all cases are different, there is no way to provide an “average” price for aftercare – but it should be considerably less expensive than the Invisalign treatment. Again, aftercare may not be necessary for every patient.Let’s get started! Miami Smile Dental is the #1 provider of family Cosmetic Dentistry in the Miami Florida area. Call (305) 670-5100 today to schedule a consultation!Contact us today to receive $500 Off Invisalign and a Free At-Home Whitening Kit! Offer expires May 31, 2018


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