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Full and Partial Dentures


Dentures in Miami, Fl

It is vital to ensure that your dentures fit properly. A good fit will make certain that much of your mouth’s function can be retained. This is also important for maintaining the muscle tone that is naturally present in your jaw and face. Not only do dentures help you to enjoy a natural lifestyle, but they can also keep you feeling and looking healthy. When you schedule an appointment with our office, our two main goals will be to provide you with the best fit possible and the most natural smile.

Partial Denture

Partial dentures are a great way to obtain a natural-looking smile. If you have gaps in your smile as a result of missing teeth and a bridge is not an option, then a new partial denture could be just the solution you need. Among the great benefits of a partial denture is that it is removable. Additionally, it is constructed of a synthetic material that imitates your own natural teeth and gums. As a result, you can enjoy a beautiful new smile while preserving your own natural bone structure and your remaining teeth’s existing integrity without worrying about your teeth tilting or shifting backward due to missing teeth.