Why should you wear a mouthguard? While they’re not mandatory equipment in all sports, their value is indisputable.  Mouthguards cushion blows to the face and neck. They’re especially important for athletes playing contact sports, but other athletes face no shortage of hazards: balls, sticks, elbows, goalposts, trees – heck, even the ground could do quite a number on your teeth!

A mouthguard should be part of every athlete’s gear, no matter the sport. Parents
should make sure their children are protected. Even adults and weekend athletes need
to protect their smiles and preserve their health.
Do: Wear a mouthguard at all times when playing sports. Wear a mouthguard customfitted
by your dentist, especially if you wear bridges or braces.
Don’t: Wear removable appliances like retainers when playing sports.

There are two types of mouthguards:

Custom-made: Designed by a dentist and made on a cast of your teeth. These cause
very little interference with speaking or breathing. They provide the best protection and

fit over braces and fixed bridges. They also cost more.

Ready-made: Purchased at most sporting goods stores. They are the least expensive,
the least effective, and least comfortable. They also tend to make you look a little silly
and talk like a buffoon.
If you would like to “play it safe!” by wearing a comfortable mouthguard to protect your teeth, or if you have any questions about dental health for athletes, please call our office or visit

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