Porcelain crowns in Miami are prosthetics placed over teeth to improve the strength and durability. They are often used in our dental office when a tooth is cracked, an old filling needs to be replaced, or there’s severe tooth decay. Not only are they custom made for each patient, but they come in a variety of materials to match the needs of each patient. After we conduct a thorough dental examination in Miami, we can determine what the best crown option is.

About Porcelain Crowns

Signs of stress are common for the teeth including discoloration, cracks, and even chips. Crowns, especially porcelain crowns, in Miami help to restore the smile and teeth to their original look. They are made of porcelain and are colored to match your natural teeth. They help to restore function and enhance the appearance of a smile all in one cosmetic dentistry procedure. It’s important that a full dental examination is conducted first to detect any problems in the teeth that must be fixed before any crowns are placed in the mouth.

Using Porcelain Crowns with Bridges

Missing teeth in the mouth is often because of lack of regular dental appointments that lead to tooth decay, periodontal disease, and later tooth loss. Bridges and porcelain crowns help to make your teeth function normally again in Miami. Restorative dentistry procedures improve a smile that focuses on adding durability and strength. With their help, your teeth can be returned to their natural size and shape. A bridge uses porcelain crowns on each end with a bridge in the middle to bridge that gap left from missing teeth.

Schedule an Appointment to Discuss Dental Crowns in Miami

To learn more about what porcelain crowns can do for your oral health situation, call to schedule a dental examination at our Miami office. We will closely evaluate your teeth and gums to fix any imperfections. To schedule this dental examination with our dental team today, call us at 305-670-5100.