Invisalign Clear Braces in Miami FL

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Invisalign Braces in Miami, Florida

Over time, there are many reasons why the teeth can move out of place and become misaligned.  If you are dealing with misalignment of your teeth, you may want to consider Invisalign braces in Miami, Florida. Teeth that have become misshapen with age may compromise your bite, make it more difficult to chew, and make you look older.  Invisalign is the modern, hassle-free option that not only realigns your teeth, but makes your smile more confident. Miami Smile Dental of Miami, Florida offers the latest in Invisalign technology. We’ll answer any questions you have and let you know if you’re a good candidate for Invisalign.

Reasons to Consider Clear Braces

If you or one of your children or teens is dealing with dental conditions that are uncomfortable or unsightly, there are many reasons to consider clear braces. Some people are born with gaps in the teeth, which can affect the bite, and which can also be unattractive. Invisalign can remove these gaps and give you a straighter, more consistent smile. Underbites and overbites in which the upper or lower teeth stick out when you bite down are also correctible with Invisalign. Teeth that are crowded together or that lie unevenly can be evened out with the gentle Invisalign system, and it doesn’t take more than a few months to begin to see results. Miami Smile Dental of Miami, Florida and its professional team can show you the many reasons why Invisalign is a smart choice.

Metal Braces Alternatives in Miami

For years, traditional metal braces were the only way to straighten and reform a crooked bite, but now there are metal braces alternatives in Miami. Invisalign, or clear, braces are a series of clear plastic aligning trays that are worn over time. The teeth are gradually straightened with each new tray that is worn, and the trays can be taken out each day for brushing and flossing the teeth, or for special occasions. The trays are worn about 22 hours per day, and the entire process takes about nine months to a year to complete. A retainer is worn afterward. Any discomfort is mild and eases as the teeth shift into position. Because they are clear, you may be the only person who even knows you’re wearing them! Nearly anyone with mild or moderate misalignment issues is a suitable candidate for Invisalign, and only severe cases may still require metal braces.

Call to Schedule an Appointment with an Invisalign Braces Dentist in Miami, Florida Today

If you have a misalignment of your teeth and would like to learn more about Invisalign as an alternative to metal braces, call to schedule an appointment with an Invisalign braces dentist in Miami, Florida today. Miami Smile Dental of Miami, Florida and its expert team will map out your new smile using state-of-the-art computer imaging techniques and will then begin creating your Invisalign trays. Call us at 305-670-5100 and let this popular new technique improve your smile and give you the confidence you need.


Great experience as a first time patient. I appreciated the quick scheduling of my appointment and the quick assessment of my loose crown and filling. I was impressed with the state of the art x-ray and 3D imaging equipment used to assess the condition of my tooth and construct a virtual image of my new crown. I felt like I was in good hands and am glad I asked Serge to look at my loose crown and loose filling.

– Ed B