Careful and quality care of your teeth is important to prevent infections and other minor problems that may occur. Taking care of dental and gum health is also very important for the whole organism. It is not difficult to do, but it requires developing habits for good oral hygiene, a healthy diet and treating all developmental problems at the dentist.

Brushing your teeth

One of the easiest ways to clean your teeth is to brush your teeth regularly. Brushing your teeth is the most important thing that every dentist recommends. However, it is also important how you brush and hold the toothbrush. Brush the surface of the tongue and the roof of the oral cavity to make sure there are no bacteria in the mouth to prevent bad breath. While brushing, be sure to place the brush at a 45-degree angle above the gum line so that both the tooth surface and the gum line are in contact with the bristles. Make sure you brush your teeth for at least 2 minutes so that most of the surface of all your teeth is covered. When you’re done brushing your teeth, it’s time to clean your tongue.
Try brushing your teeth every day and twice a day to avoid the buildup of germs on your teeth.

take care of your teeth

Eat strawberries and apples

Strawberries and apples are an excellent source of malic acid which when eaten acts as a gentle abrasive. Just be sure to rinse with water after eating them, because fruit acids can soften your enamel and cause tooth decay. Malic acid is usually used to remove stains, whether it’s just a bite of juicy fruit, or to take a strawberry, slice it and then rub it on your teeth; they will keep your helicopters clean.


We all know that flossing will take a lot of time, but remember one thing; even after brushing your teeth at least 40% of the surface of your teeth remains intact. Therefore, it is recommended to clean the thread at least once a day. Thread can remove food particles and other harmful substances that cannot be removed by regular brushing. It also allows you to get deep between teeth that the toothbrush can’t reach or the mouthwash also can’t clean.

Use water instead of mouthwash

Many of us regularly use mouthwash, and some even use it instead of toothpaste. Use mouthwash instead of mouthwash. Rinse with water after eating to remove any food particles that have remained between your teeth. Water also removes acids and sugar that food releases when we eat them. So opt for a toothbrush and water the next time you feel your teeth getting a little dirty.

Clean your tongue

Many toothbrushes have tongue scrapers on the back. If you need to, you can even brush your tongue with the bristles of your toothbrush. Cleaning your tongue will remove food particles and bacteria that are on the surface of your tongue.
Rinse your mouth when finished. Do not swallow bacteria that you have scraped off your tongue.

take care of your teeth

Chew gum

Chewing gum stimulates the production of saliva, which in turn reduces the level of acid and harmful bacteria in the mouth. Saliva is the body’s natural defenses and helps fight germs.

Avoid coffee, tea and juices

Carbonated drinks can weaken your teeth and lead to dental problems such as cavities. Tea and coffee are the main culprits for tooth decay. These drinks contain ingredients that can cause tooth discoloration.

Visit your dentist

This is the best advice anyone can give you. When you decide to do this, be sure to choose someone you are comfortable with, to make you feel less reluctant when you leave.
When you go to the dentist, make sure you know all about the dentist’s experience along with patient reviews of reliable practices.