If you are worried because you have dental problems during pregnancy, don’t worry. Simply visit your dentist, and he will give you all the necessary advice. Your dentist is first and foremost an expert who will act correctly depending on your condition. So, you are completely sure to use the treatment that he recommends and which is safe for your pregnancy. Also, they will take care of the health of your smile even while you are pregnant.

Pregnancy also brings with it various hormonal changes that can have negative consequences on your teeth and gums. Also, dental problems caused by hormonal changes can greatly affect your child and the birth.

Inform your dentist about your pregnancy

If you are in the first months of pregnancy and have scheduled appointments or have dental problems, the first and most important step is to inform your dentist about your pregnancy. Your dentist will act on this basis. If you use the wrong medicines, they will replace them with those that are safe for you and your baby. Also, if he considers that a certain treatment in that situation is risky for you, he will try to find an alternative and a solution to the problem. Be open with your dentist.

X-ray during pregnancy

Today, modern technology has enabled us to take completely safe x-rays. Regardless, your dentist will not be able to perform every X-ray before the first trimester. He will also use special precautions to protect you and your baby. There are special devices to protect your pelvis and stomach during x-rays.

Brushing and flossing teeth

If your regular routine of washing and cleaning your teeth and gums was correct, you should have healthy gums and teeth even at the beginning of pregnancy. However, all that routine you are used to can become a real challenge if you have problems with morning sickness and vomiting during pregnancy. Then your teeth become sensitive due to the acid, and brushing and cleaning can cause you additional nausea.

Try to find a suitable flurole paste as well as a liquid to rinse and refresh your mouth.

during pregnancy

How to stop morning sickness?

Most of the time, no matter how hard we try, we cannot prevent morning sickness with any means. If you have not found any suitable method, then after nausea, rinse your mouth with a teaspoon of baking soda mixed with water. In this way, you will neutralize the acid from the stomach, which can strongly damage your teeth.

Healthy diet for dental health during pregnancy

If you consume a healthy and balanced diet along with proper dental care, you will have less chance of dental health complications.

A balanced diet

Having a balanced diet means eating healthy food rich in dairy products, vitamins, and minerals, which ultimately ensures the health of your baby as well as yours.

Food labels

Pay attention to food labels when you buy them. That way, you will know exactly what you are putting into your body. Especially when it comes to foods rich in sugars, which should always be avoided, especially during pregnancy.

Drink lots of water

When you regularly drink large amounts of water between meals, you help break down food debris that is stuck between your teeth. In this way, you fight against bad breath and protect your teeth from acid and harmful substances that accumulate and could harm your dental health, especially during pregnancy.

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