Some adults feel discomfort at the very thought of going to the dentist, and some even fear. The fear they have since childhood. That is why it is important for parents to do everything in their power so that their children’s fear of dentists does not even occur.

When the children should start visiting dentists

Children notice and adopt patterns of behaviour from their parents, so fear of dentists is more common in children whose parents have the same problem. Therefore, it would be better for the child to make his first visit to the dentist with a parent or family member who does not have this fear, if possible.

fear of dentists

And when is the time for your first visit to the dentist? Precisely in the answer to that question lies another reason for fear of dentists. If the problem already exists and the child feels some kind of pain. Then the first visit to the dentist will be much more uncomfortable.

The child will associate this experience with the feeling of pain and discomfort in the future. But if the first visit to the dentist is a preventive examination that can be very pleasant and painless. Then the probability that this experience is remembered as negative is much lower.

Advice for parents

  • must not pass on his fear to the child.
  • the child must not be “scared” by the dentist.
  • parents must talk to the child and explain why the teeth need to be repaired and what will happen if he does not do so.
  • does not interfere in the communication between the child and the dentist.
  • must not panic and must control his emotions.
  • must understand the importance of visiting the dentist.
  • teeth cleaning should be supervised and assisted until the age of ten.

Another very important thing is that you never promise your child before the dentist’s examination that everything will be fine and that nothing will hurt. Because we all know that dental repair is usually not completely painless. By lying, you will unnecessarily and irreversibly damage the child’s trust in you and the dentist.

fear of dentists

Creating a negative memory with which he will associate all subsequent visits to the dentist. Explain to the child in a way that is understandable to him that the dentist will examine him just like the doctor and that if there is a need for a tooth repair, it is better to do it on time.

Show your child going to the dentist and having their teeth repaired as something positive.