When you’re looking for ways to fix missing teeth in your mouth, Miami Smiles Dental can offer dentures to you in Miami. We provide durable and natural-looking dentures that can give you back the smile you dream of as well as normal chewing and the best possible oral health. At our Miami dental office, we offer many different types of dentures. Our cosmetic dentist will first closely evaluate your teeth and gums during a comprehensive dental exam to give a professional treatment plan.

Types of Dentures Available

Conventional dentures are a full denture that is removable. It is placed in the mouth after the remaining teeth are removed and all tissues heal properly. This healing time can take many months. This denture type also can use implants and other attachments too. Immediate dentures are those that are inserted the same day that the remaining teeth are removed. Measurements are made of the jaw during the first visit. This allows a dental appliance to be created, so you are not without teeth during the healing process. Overdentures are used when some of the teeth were saved to preserve the jawbone. They provide support for the denture and fit over some of the remaining natural teeth in the mouth.

Call to Schedule a Consultation for Dentures in Miami

Ultimately, it’s important that the dentures fit properly. A good fit makes it certain that your teeth can function properly again. This helps patients to feel healthy once again with proper teeth. To schedule an appointment with our family dentist to discuss dentures, call our Miami Florida dental office today at 305-670-5100. We can offer our patients a variety of denture options for their missing teeth. To learn more, call us today!