The simple fact is that small holes in the teeth become large if the tooth is not repaired. Tooth decay causes tooth loss and if it progresses to a dental pulp (nerve), inflammation. Therefore, it is necessary to remove caries, and reconstruct the tooth in its original shape, colour and dimension with Dental Sealants.

How Dental Sealants are applied

Dental Sealants are micro mechanically bonded to the teeth. Placing them does not always require anaesthesia of the area being repaired. Anaesthesia of the area is often needed if the problem is on the tooth under the enamel, that is, in the dentin that surrounds the dental nerve. When the health problem is removed, the tooth is cleaned with a mild acid that opens the pores on the enamel and dentin.

A curing agent is then applied which hardens. By curing, the bonding agent is a bonding preparation with the filler material. After shaping the filling to match the natural shape of your tooth, it hardens with blue light. When the filling hardens, the bite is checked, followed by the final polishing of the filling.

What for Dental Sealants are used

Dental Sealants are used as a solution when the patients have next problems:

  • Caries remediation
  • Tooth crown fracture
  • Tooth colour and shape corrections
  • When closing the space between the teeth
Dental sealant

Types of Dental Sealants

There are two types of Dental Sealants:

  • white (composite) dental sealant
  • black (amalgam) dental sealant

White (composite) dental sealant

White fillings are composite resins that have neither mercury nor metals in them. They chemically bond to the tooth, making their bond stronger and less likely to cause caries at that bond. A very important advantage of white fillings over black ones is that with white fillings it is not necessary to grind anything more than caries because the composite resin is chemically glued to the tooth tissue. Aesthetically and functionally, they are considered the most acceptable due to modern aesthetic materials that allow them to adapt to the tooth and match your tooth color.

Black (amalgam) dental sealant

Black fillings are amalgams in their composition, mercury alloys with silver, tin and copper in different proportions. Materials that may be harmful to health are used. The black filling attaches to the tooth mechanically, which can lead to cracking of the teeth, marginal cracks between the teeth and the recurrence of caries.

When placing a black filling, it is necessary to grind a larger part of the tooth than with a white filling, and a healthy part of the tooth is also ground. They are aesthetically unsightly and harmful to the environment due to the strong materials, and especially because of the mercury used in the manufacture.

4 Reasons Dental Sealants could be Right for You

  1. They provide protection for the damaged teeth after the caries removal treatment
  2. Process of Dental Sealant application treatment is painless
  3. Dental sealants prevent bigger issues, saving you money in the long run
  4. They are very cheap and aesthetically pleasing solution 
dental sealants